In the far distant future the Master leads his disciple to the edge of the mountain. The Master points over the threshold beyond the huge drifting clouds to a distant sphere. Like a sparkling jewel of blue and white, the sphere emits a majestic radiance contained in an aura of deep mystery.

The Master says, “My disciple, I’m giving you the ability to see what has happened very long ago in the past. You have to look deeply at that far object and you will receive wisdom beyond comparison.”

Spaceship Earth where are you heading?

“Master from here I’m seeing a lonely but very beautiful place. I see a landscape of brilliant deep blue, dispersed with shades of green, gray and white surrounded with islands of clouds.  I’m now approaching and feel like a bird flying over glorious peaks then diving to mysterious depths. I’m entering into the rainforest and soaring above immense grasslands, grandeur waterfalls and cascading rivers.”

“My disciple, do you see the Light that reveals, connects and conveys all the knowledge?”

“Master, I can see the Light brilliantly reflecting and I’m receiving immense energy and see how everything is connected. But Master, I now see the people of the sphere and they are not aware of the miracle of Light.”

“Yes my disciple, like the umbilical cord between mother and child, Light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information and sustains life.”

“My Master, why can’t the people see matter as a mirror that reflects the light and creates images of that light? Why don’t they understand that light is the connective tissue that creates the unity of the universe?”

“There is smoke between the mirrors of matter, my disciple, that stop the people of the sphere from seeing the refection of the Light and prevent them from understanding the unity of the universe.”

“I can see the dreams of the people, Master. They are dreaming without awareness and they are failing to understand who they really are.”

“Those little dreams add up to bigger dreams, my disciple. They have become dreams of the family, dreams of the cities, dreams of the countries and dreams of the entire humanity.”

“Master, I see those dreams without awareness have created a dream of violence, a dream of fear, a dream of war, a dream of injustice. It has created a place similar to the description of hell.”

“My disciple, hell is described as a place of punishment, a place of fear, pain, and suffering, a place where the fire burns you.”

“Master, this is exactly what I’m seeing…this universal dream is creating the smoke between the mirrors of matter. Even in the fog, I see millions of people talking at the same time, and nobody understands each other. I see great electronic inventions of connectivity that instantaneously transmit great masses of information across the sphere. And the people have also created within these great spherical connections viruses that can corrupt the information making it even more meaningless. And Master, I see that the greatest fear of the people is not death…it is risk to be alive. Master what is the great wisdom that you said I will learn from this journey?”

The disciple waits a few minutes and there is no answer. He looks at his side but the Master is gone. He looks back towards the direction of the sphere and it seems to have dissolved in the mightiness of the Universe.

Bibliography and additional reading:

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