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It is necessary to open up deeper

Simply Spectacular Designs
Simply Spectacular Designs

conversation on the entire social system that encompasses such unfathomable topics as poverty, hunger, homelessness, class systems, political power, and structural inequalities. However, despite the world’s differences in cultures, social customs, languages, religions, cuisine, traditions, politics and philosophy, changes can be created to bring about harmony and peace on this planet.

But it should also be considered that in reality everything is connected. We should look less at classifying, categorizing, dismantling, dissecting and instead look at the wholeness and interconnectedness of the things around us. And question whether it is necessary to create complex mathematical formulations, or try to unlock the mysteries of the coral reef, or understand the depths of the Arctic, or study the profundities of the ocean in order to have that connection with the earth. Or consider whether we need great philosophies to absorb the spirituality that abounds in the universe; or whether it is necessary to have great theories to take in deep breaths of reflection that can generate inner peace.