Eternal Spring and Summer at Allan Gardens Conservatory Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto
Like a breath of fresh air ©

Amid the noise, traffic, construction, scaffolding, cranes, drills, jackhammers, high-rise buildings, industrial-complexes, schools, universities, colleges, shopping centres, big-homes, small-homes, medium-sized homes, restaurants, hospitals, the-toronto-stock-exchange, big-banks, medium-sized banks, small-banks, the-homeless, the-shelters, the-people-of-all-races-and-colors, lies a small green-house, beside a fenced dog park, that blossoms with the colour and beauty of eternal spring and summer.

Therein lies a breath of fresh air, a walk with distant memories in far off places: a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise once experienced, a stillness in the rhythm of the ocean, a bird soaring graciously with outstretched wings against a blue, cloudless sky, a trickle over a rocky surface that unites with the mysterious river below, branches dancing to the silent music of the universe, and bees alighting on flowers continuing the circle of nature.

Therein in this little green house lies many such things that the imagination can conjure.

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Allan Gardens Conservatory, City of Toronto

Pictures taken with Sony NEX 5R Digital SLR Camera. Gallery created in Adobe Bridge CS6