What does Winter mean to you? A short Video


Winter in Riverdale Park, Toronto Feb 2013

Is your fate like a fruit tree in winter that is transformed into green and blossoms as the blizzards and snow evaporate and spring and summer appear?

Does winter feel like a frightening animal that has a vicious tail that lashes, and gnarled teeth that threaten to bite?

Or do you see winter in some peoples’ faces and then in an instant laughter transforms them into summer sunrises?

Have you ever experienced that just as winter makes the spring a celebration of nature in all its glory, adversities in life make success an adoration of victory?

Have you ever been mesmerized by the snowy landscape with vicious wind blowing in your face and on the inside your spirit feels the summer of determination?

And have you ever looked at a river that flows in the winter and consider that the flow and momentum prevent it’s solidification, and then reflect that in a similar sense true friendship cannot be transformed into the inflexibility of adversity?

And have you pondered during some thoughtful moments that nothing lasts for ever, not even the winter, and spring always comes along as expected?

Here is a short video of a winter celebration that occurs in Riverdale Park, Toronto.

What does winter mean to you?


Music in the video is by the Adolescentes and the song is called “Me Gustas.” All rights reserved by the owner of the song.

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