Colombia 2012 Trailer

Colombia: The richness of the land, producing a multiplicity of crops, vegetation, trees, flowers. The cascading mountains and valleys creating subtle climatic variations to support the astounding assortment of nature. The height and depth of the Andean mountainous journeys, creating roller-coaster effects, taming the spirit, and giving a deeper understanding of the explicit grandeur of creation.

[flowplayer src=’/video/colombia2012.m4v’ splash=’/video/colombia2012.jpg’ popup=’Crossroads of Science and Poetry’]


Bogota it stretches the imagination.

Tranquility amongst the noise.

Horse-drawn carriages amidst the continuous flow of buses, yellow taxis and  super-modern transportation. Fast with the slow.

Superb fashion fused with historic customs of clothing.

Extreme poverty amalgamated with affluence. Abundance in excess. An over-supply of destitution.   All synthesized together in a homogeneous excitement

Colombia, South America.  Yes – the mountainous beauty tugs at your soul, the warmth of the people beacons unconditionally.