F-35 Fighter Jets – Soaring to new heights

Soaring to new heights

In great political debates of today one would think that it should be critical to change the context of the conversation so as to inspire vast imagination and wisdom that extends beyond a city, spreads to a nation and encircles the continents and enfolds all the nations of the world. One would think that in the era of globalization and our common humanity, that such universal imagination and wisdom would be a natural phenomenon.

One may then consider the present day conversations on the F-35 Fighter jets that speak of this technology as the “Darling of the aerospace industry”, and others that frame the conversation as “Impressive, fifth generation, and multirole fighters with stealth technology.” And as one pursues the subject even further phrases such as “Best capability, best value with state-of-the-art software sophistication” may stimulate your curiosity even further. And you may then hear other great dialogues that speak of the preciseness and exactness of these machine that can deliver “Improved target identification and weapon delivery.” One may have dig a bit deeper to discover other specifications such as “25-millimetre gun, air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles plus a variety of bombs including, the B-61 nuclear bomb.” You may then discover there really isn’t a shortage of information on this subject.

     However with the openness of today’s journalism and utilizing conduits that spreads like wildfire because of Internet technologies, you may discover that there are others who do not see the F-35 Jets in this context at all, as there are eloquent statements on the financial context of these initiatives and words such as “Money, cost, over-budget, and waste” are thrown around which much vigor and intensity.

And the diversity of arguments may lead you to think that in a simplistic concept of journalism, the right questions on the F-35 are being asked and debated. Questions that frame the context of the conversation around “Who, What, Where, When, How.”

However you may then realize that an important element was left out and that is the “Why” of the conversation, the dialogue and the journalism. And it may lead you to think that the “Why” opens up a deeper conversation on our humanity, our history, our political processes, and our economic processes. It opens up a deeper conversation on the entire social system that can encompass such unfathomable topics as poverty, hunger, homelessness, class systems, political power, and structural inequalities. And you may think that in the context of how critical, expensive and powerful these fighter jets seem to be, that the conversations should include equally large topics about our humanity and our existence.

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