Shameless Self Promotion on Social Media

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On many social media platforms there is a taboo on “self promotion.” And the word “shameless” is usually thrown in to reinforce the evil. You may then ask, where is the boundary that separates shameless self-promotion from self-promotion that is honorable?

Self Promotion – Good or Evil

Considering the word “shameless”, you may be reminded of characteristics such as brazen, impudent, unabashed, hardened, unprincipled or corrupt.  However all these characteristics seem to have a very integrated presence in our day-to-day lives, outside of the realm of virtual reality. Depending on which level of the mountain you look at the landscape of everyday life, you may see, for example, corruption at the street level amongst average day-to-day transactions, or as you ascend a bit higher, you may see corporations ripping the earth open to extract the wealth without regard for the health of the planet or the well being of humanity.

You may then take a deep-dive at the term “self promotion.” You may then question what exactly does it mean, as in reality some critical aspects of business survival are embodied in advertisement and marketing. You may then arrive at the consensus that these elements – advertisement and marketing, are in effect self-promotion.

You may then consider that it is very necessary in many everyday situations to promote oneself as an individual. For example the very act of creating a Linkedin or Facebook profile is a form of self-promotion as all the initial information to set up the account is about you – Your picture, your education, your jobs, your interests and your martial status. However you may do it to assist in your networking, to get a job or to reach out to family and friends. You make also think that the concepts behind the resume writing are all based on promoting oneself, and further your annual review with your boss is all about you.

After all these thought processes you may then arrive at the conclusion that self-promotion is a common thread that runs through the fabric of our society and it comes with both good and evil.

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