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Simply Spectacular Designs

It’s December of 2010 and the project team reconvenes in the small room to continue discussing Project Earth. The intense discussion starts on how the small core team can use Strategic Project Management to create a global solution.

Adam who is a twenty eight year old teacher as well as the project lead starts the discussion: “Similar to how great products are produced, it is the behavior of people that can create great solutions.  Like travel guides up perilous mountain paths, best practices and guidelines can only provide direction, however it’s our passion and determination that are critical for success.”

Evita, a diminutive woman and a single parent of two children responds: “I understand what you are saying Adam, however in Project Earth we have immense obstacles like political, economic, cultural and religious. Really, Earth has no common goal at the moment. When you think about it our survival is by mere luck-and-chance.  Our destiny is left to different countries with conflicting goals, the principles of competition, and industries where the ultimate ambition is making profit.”

“Evita, I believe we have come to the stage in our evolution where the world can become one because of technology. The Internet can reach the farthest ends of the earth to deliver, collect and share information. We can collect and share data on human conditions and use that as our measures of success.”

Cale, a mathematics teacher at the local university breaks his thoughtful silence and says: “ Then we have to start documenting this stuff…putting it up on the white board and seeing the sequential logic.  We need to start with a high-level picture of our ambitions – outcomes, purpose and goal.”  He walked over to the board and drew a squashed rectangle and added a word.

He looks around the room: “What is our goal for Project Earth?”

After much debate the team came up with some high-level concepts “Peace, coexistence, Global achievements.”

Cale added another picture and some more words on the board. Lets make this a first draft of the Goal.

“OK let’s work backwards to our Purpose, and Outcomes. Let’s do some brainstorming.”

Like balls on a pool table scattered on the first impact, thoughts fly around the room bouncing around and reflecting off each other until a restless equilibrium is reached. Some high level concepts are proposed . Cale raises his permanent marker to the board and expertly draws and writes:

After seven hours and with arduous concentration the project team completes the first theoretical picture of Project Earth.  They all gaze at the board where Cale has patiently documented their ideas and it displays Inputs, Outcomes, Purpose and Goal.  Cale say” “this is our first rough draft.”

Adam walks to the front of the room and eloquently says: “Vision can be defined as what we wish to see in the future that we can affect.” Behind him on the wall there is a a wooden picture frame that contains a poem:

If there is light in the soul

There will be beauty in the person

If there is beauty in the person

Then there will be harmony in the house

If there is harmony in the house

There will be order in the country

If there is order in the country there will be peace in the world

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